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“The armbraces came last Friday and they are darling!!  You do great
work.  We will definitely be ordering more in the future.”  Betsy Delahunt
“I just wanted to send you a note to THANK YOU!!!!  Our daughter Lily has
Rett Syndrome & hand mouths constantly. These braces are a godsend
and they are cute to boot!  People now admire them instead of asking if her
arms are broken. She is very happy with them.”  Leslie Courtney
“I am grateful we found you and your armbraces. They have made an
amazing difference in Kate's quality of life and her ability to show us
things she knows”  Tara Allen
"I would like to say thanks.  My daughter is now more active, she tries to
now it helps her even to walk with more balance."   Yesenia from Puerto
"I just wanted to let you know that Ashlynn's poncho is working out so
well.  She loves it and we love it.  It makes getting her ready so much
easier!  It keeps her warm and snuggly and sometimes when we put it on
her she giggles. We call her little "hot pink riding hood".  While we are
out and about, we have been stopped so many times by people we don't
even know who comment about her beautiful and cozy poncho.  It has
been a great purchase for Ashlynn."   Heidi Burnham
armbrace has already changed that - we now see her holding on to an
object for 10 seconds.  That's 10 times more than she was before!  
These changes maybe would have come around eventually anyway,
but your website made it happen much faster and easier - and I love
the designs!  Time is of the essence for our kids, and I got tired of
waiting for Medicaid and finding the right doctors to sign endless
papers, your website is very practical and convenient.  I recommended
the website to everyone at her therapy center.  Love for your
granddaughter allowed you to do something for her, and now many
Thank you very much!                    Jessica